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For patients with Japanese language difficulties

Shikoku Cancer Center does not provide medical advice without direct consultation with doctors at the hospital.

We have some English-speaking staffs to help you while receiving medical care/treatment at our hospital. However, please be aware that we are not yet fully staffed to serve the needs of international patients. You can secure the services of a personal interpreter, during the course of your hospital visit.

National Health Insurance (NHI)


In Japan, there is National Health Insurance (NHI) system. Please check about NHI.

When you enroll National Health Insurance, by paying a monthly premium 70% of the total treatment or medication fee will be covered. Foreigners who have an alien registration card and plans to stay more than a year can join the National Health Insurance.

Even if your period of stay is less than a year, as long as you have a reason to stay, you can consult the National Health Insurance section in your local City Hall. City halls are usually open Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm. They are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.

Monthly premium

Monthly premium depends on your income and where you live. The premium can be discounted depending on your condition. For more information, consult your local National Health Insurance section. Please note that if you didn't join National Health Insurance as soon as you arrived in Japan, the premium will be charged for the period you didn't join as well.

How to enroll

Go to your local National Health Insurance section in City Hall. Bring your alien registration card and passport or student ID. No payment is necessary when you enroll.

What National Health Insurance does not cover

  • Bed fees for a private room in the hospital (bed fees for a group room is free, but private room beds have a special charge)
  • Treatments using special methods (For example, plastic surgery)
  • Vaccination
  • Health checkups
  • Baby delivery (normal)
  • Some dental materials (for example, gold for tooth crowns) And so on.
  • Various benefit payments

The Benefits for High Medical fees (高額療養費 Kougakuryouyouhi)

If you are hospitalized or undergo surgery and pay high medical fees, the National Health Insurance has a financial benefit support called Kougaku Ryouyouhi (Benefit for High Medical fees). For example, if a person below age of 71 and whose monthly total medical expense was over 80,100yen (this really depends on the person's income and where they live in), they can get some reimbursement from the National Health Insurance. Please remember that NHI doesn't pay the total balance of the total medical expense. The amount of reimbursement is calculated according to a special formula. To apply for this, go to the local NHI section and submit the Benefit for High Medical fees application with an itemized receipt from the hospital. For further information ask your local NHI section in city hall.

Benefit for overseas medical expenses (海外療養費 Kaigairyouyouhi)

Even if you receive medical treatment overseas, as long as you are a NHI policyholder, NHI covers the 30% of the total medical expenses. But the medical treatment must be a type that is covered in Japan as well. Patients pay the full expenses overseas, and after coming back to Japan can apply for the benefit with an Itemized Receipt and the Attending Physician's Statement (translated into Japanese) at their local NHI section in city hall. Note that NHI doesn't pay the total balance of the total medical expenses. The amount of reimbursement is calculated according to a special formula. This benefit doesn't apply to non-NHI covered treatments. Also, if people go overseas for the purpose of such surgery or treatment, NHI won't pay the reimbursement for these as well.

If you receive treatment without your NHI card …Gettig reimbursement (療養費の支給 Ryouyouhi no shikyuu)

If you receive treatment without your NHI card at a clinic/hospital and pay the total medical expenses, go to your local NHI section in City Hall and apply for reimbursement. You will need to submit an Itemized Receipt and Attending Physician's Statement (you can get them from the clinic/hospital) with the application. It may take 2 or 3 months to get reimbursement.

Social Health Insurance

Social Health insurance can be subscribed to company employees through employer. Self-employed workers or freelance workers join National Health Insurance. You may be asked what kind of insurance you have at a clinic/hospital, so please keep the difference reminded.

Launch of the "Visa for Medical Stay" : Medical Check-up, treatment, and sightseeing all in one visit to Japan

The Government of Japan launched its services for the "Visa for Medical Stay" in January 2011. See more information about this Visa in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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