Shikoku Cancer Center

Greeting from the Director

Shikoku Cancer Center Director. Akira Kurita

The Shikoku Cancer Center dates back to the former Shikoku Regional Cancer Center, launched in Horinouchi in 1966 as an adjunct institution to the National Hospital of Matsuyama to add cancer-care functions to the hospital. Then, with the increase of cancer morbidity, the center was renamed the National Hospital Shikoku Cancer Center in 1979, and revitalized as a specialist center hospital with enhanced cancer-care functions.

The center was designated, ahead of other hospitals in Japan, as a regional core hospital in cancer care in 2002, and it was placed as a medical infrastructure of the National Hospital Organization’s medical policy network of cancer in Shikoku district.

We moved to the new hospital with the latest medical equipment since April 2006, and believe that we can provide the best cancer treatment, backed by our advanced cancer-care functions and the patient-friendly environment. The center was re-designated as a prefectural core hospital in cancer care and cooperation in January 2007. Today, our hospital takes a leading role in improving the level of cancer treatment in Ehime prefecture, in cooperation with regional core hospitals.

The center is a member of the Japanese Association of Clinical Cancer Centers (JACCC), which consists of 31 advanced cancer-care institutions across Japan, and has made efforts to improve cancer-care functions and promote clinical research while constantly exchanging information through a cancer-care support system connecting 18 JACCC institutions(Cancer Net).

Since 2011, the department of clinical research was promoted to the center of clinical research by the achievement of the clinical study.

To practice the full range of cancer care from early detection to terminal care as a specialist cancer hospital, the Shikoku Cancer Center focuses on four axes- treatment, research, education, and information provision. We employ the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic devices including PET-CTs and linear accelerators, offer the chemotherapy room and accommodation facility for outpatients to comfortably receive treatment, and runs a palliative-care ward as the center for palliative treatment; as a result, we have become a hospital able to provide ideal cancer treatment.

We actively work on medical safety, and we also established ‘Cancer counseling support & information center’ in April 2006 ahead of other hospitals in the nation so that the patients and the family have a sense of security while receiving medical treatment.

‘The regional medical liaison training center ‘ was constructed for the purpose of the human resource development to support the regional medical liaison smoothly with the local clinics in August 2011, in accord with the establishment of future medical treatment emphasizing on the regional liaison.

‘The family and patients support center’ is scheduled to open in May 2013, with financial aid from Ehime local health care revitalization fund, to support the patients and their families, which is considered one of the top priority issues in the ‘ Basic plan to promote cancer control programs’ revised in 2012.

To utilize the functions as a specialist cancer hospital to the full, we have removed borders between specialties, and introduced an organ-oriented system in which specialists in cancer diagnosis/treatment, nurses, and other medical staffs work as a team. By coordinating ‘ The regional medical liaison training center ‘, ‘ The family and patients support center ‘ and Regional clinical pathway organically and efficiently, and by providing the best cancer treatment from the patients’ standpoint, we are going to do our best to achieve the goal of the ongoing Third 10-year Integrated Anticancer Strategy (“ To markedly reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer “)

We hope that you will continue to support and encourage the Shikoku Cancer Center.

Thank you

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